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Benefits of Taking this Course

Accelerate learning principles for long-term retention, knowledge and skill transfer. Create "as you go meditations” from real-life experiences. Conduct private meditation sessions and lead group meditations. Be viewed as an expert in the field of meditation. Gain access to a healthy, proven 3-step process that guides students into a meditative state. Understand ancient meditative practices that have been preserved for thousands of years Accelerate your own personal development and combat daily stresses

Breathe, Refocus, and Journey

This Master Course provides the knowledge in a three-step process:

  • Breathe

    The proper way to breathe is the first step to relax the body, when done the right way. By calming the nervous system, you can accomplish relaxation of the mind and body quickly. This course focuses on breathing techniques that are scientifically proven to calm the central nervous system.

  • Refocus

    In order for someone to enter into a meditative state, the mind needs to be refocused. Refocusing the mind permits the mind to create new thought patterns, while allowing the opportunity to escape daily negative stress. This course teaches effective techniques to refocus the mind to calm mind chatter and achieve a meditative state.

  • Journey

    Learn to design a guided meditation experience for clients that promotes inner peace and stillness. Dropping into stillness through a structured, guided inner journey created from personal experiences. Thus combating stress and reducing cortisol and adrenaline levels in the body.

Pricing options

Save with a one-time payment of $497, or choose the 3-month plan for easy installments of $180 each

Course Structure

The program contains seven modules to make meditation a part of your business.

  • 01
    Introduction to the Course
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    • Welcome message from Briana Bragg, the Instructor
    • Introduction and Vision Statement
    • What is Expected of You, the Student
  • 02
    Overview of the 7 Modules & Getting Started
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    • How to use this course
    • Module Overview
    • Get Started Questions
  • 03
    Module 1: History, Types, & Science of Meditation
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    • What is Meditation?
    • What is Meditation: History & Types
    • Test your learning
    • The Science of Meditation
    • The Science of Meditation: Research on the Brain
    • Test Your Learning
    • Health Benefits of Long-Term Meditation Practices
    • Test Your Learning
    • Footnotes and Resources for the Science Behind Meditation
  • 04
    Module 2: Breathing, the Basics
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    • Definition of Breathing (video)
    • Definition of Breathing
    • Purpose & Styles of Breathing
    • Inhaling & Exhaling Through Your Nose (video)
    • Breathing, the Right and Wrong Way
    • Test your learning
    • Test Your Learning
    • Breathing Resources and Articles
  • 05
    Module 3: Breathing Techniques
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    • Breath Awareness Technique
    • Breath Alignment Technique
    • Balloon Technique Exercise
    • Test Your Learning
    • Additional Breathing Techniques: 5/3, 5/3 Count and 4, 7, 8 Count
    • Demonstration of Combined Breathing Techniques: Breath Awareness, Balloon, and 5/3, 5/3 Count
    • Practice Exercise: Breath Awareness, Balloon Technique, 5/3, 5/3 Count Technique
    • Demonstration of Combined Breathing Techniques: Breath Awareness, Balloon, and 4, 7, 8 Count
    • Practice Exercise: Breath Awareness, Balloon Technique, 4, 7, 8 Count Technique
    • Test Your Learning
  • 06
    Module 4: Techniques for Refocusing the Mind
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    • Refocus the Mind: What Does it Mean to "Refocus?" (video)
    • Refocus the Mind
    • Test Your Learning
    • 9 Techniques to Refocus the Mind: Explanations and Exercises
    • White Light Technique Video Example
    • The Letting Go Technique Video Example
    • Darkness Technique for Refocusing the Mind Video Example
    • SWITCH Technique Video Example
    • Affirmations Video Example
    • Prayers, Chants and Mantras
    • The Broom Technique Video Example
    • Test Your Learning
    • Combine Breath Work With Refocusing Techniques
    • Test Your Learning
  • 07
    Module 5: Journey Into Tranquility (Introduction)
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    • Journey Into Tranquility (video)
    • Definition of Tranquility
    • Creating a Peaceful Journey (Do's & Don'ts)
    • Do's and Don't's of a Peaceful Journey
    • Test your learning
    • Briana's Mountaintop Experience (video)
    • Briana's Personal Experience and the Mountaintop
    • Observation Exercise
    • Re-Creation Exercises
    • Test Your Learning
  • 08
    Module 6: Three Journeys Into Tranquility
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    • Audio Example of the Forest Journey
    • The Forest Journey
    • Audio Example of the Lake at Sunset Journey
    • The Lake at Sunset Journey
    • Audio Example of the Waterfall Journey
    • The Forest to the Waterfall Journey
  • 09
    Module 7: Structuring Group and Individual Meditations
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    • Suggestions for Meditations & Refocusing Techniques
    • Lead a 30-Minute Group Meditation
    • Interactive Exercises for Group Breakouts of 2-4 people
    • Recap of the Meditation Program
    • Test Your Learning
  • 10
    Next steps
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    • Additional Requirements to Complete Level 1
    • Here's what's next...
    • Client Evaluation Form
    • Legalities of Working in the Meditation Business
    • Recommended Product List for your Meditation Business
    • Let's Connect!
    • About Briana Bragg
  • 11
    Feedback and Testimonial Incentive Program
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    • Congrats to YOU for Completing this Course!
    • Give us your feedback
    • Testimonial Incentive Program

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    Briana Bragg is the creator of the Journey Into Tranquility meditation process and course that can be used for your own personal growth or used to grow your current wellness business. This course offers continuing education credits and certifies students who successfully complete all the requirements of the course to teach the Journey Into Tranquility method of meditation to clients for profit if they choose.

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